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Applications for 2023 -24 Admissions are availabel in our College website (in Download Link)

B.K. Mathan Nagan MCA.,(Ph.D)

Dean & Head
Date of Birth : 19-11-1981
Date of Join : 01-12-2008

R. Suganya MCA

Asst. Professor
Date of Birth : 22-04-1991
Date of Join : 12-06-2014

J. Jenifer MCA., MBA

Asst. Professor
Date of Birth : 30-04-1986
Date of Join : 09-06-2015

About BCA

Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A.) was started in the year 2007. Computer Application program merges computer science sub facts with accounts like tally and also other software and hardware related subjects. So far the department has produced 2 batches. In the first batch our department secured five university ranks. We got 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th rank respectively. In the second batch we have secured First and Third ranks respectively. It’s our pleasure to state that all our students were first class degree awardees. We have conducted association meetings in our department in the name of “INTELLECTUAL POTENTIA”. We have organized an exhibition which created a great impact on our students

Duration : 3 years (6 Semesters)

The department of (Bachelor of Computer Application) BCA was established at the college in the year 2007. The intake of this department was 40 students. This department has been consistently producing good results and of late in the year 2009, it secured 1St in University ranks. Students that join the department of BCA at the college come from a varied background. To enable them to familiarise with the course, orientation classes are held to make students feel at ease with the content of the curriculum as well as to develop a rapport with their peers and classmates. The multi-cultural nature of the students helps them to develop interpersonal relationships as well as improve their communication skills for a better work environment in the future. Students get to participate in friendly activities involving a group. Clubs and other forms of group exercises help keep students engaged in co-curricular activities. Student-teacher relationship is cordial and friendly and the campus life is equally fun.

Programme Eligibility

Students seeking admission to the BCA program should have passed Pre-University / Higher Secondary / 10 + 2 or equivalent from any recognised Board or Council in any discipline.A student who has completed his/ her education till the senior secondary is eligible for the BCA programme. A small section of the curriculum of BCA is generalist in nature with focus on the main subjects of computer applications coming in from Semester 1. The approach to fundamentals of computers is a vital section wherein the basic attributes of computers and its applications are discussed. Programming languages are initiated in Semester 1 with the bulk of it coming in Semester 2 and later.


The BCA Course syllabus has been formulated by eminent members of the Alagapa University. It has been structured in a way that will benefit the student so as to let him/her get a grip on the basic to the advance modules taught in the semesters. The computer lab is well-equipped with the latest technologies and state of the art workstations that will enable the students to perform their tasks efficiently and without time-lag. The classrooms are equipped with modern amenities and provisions are made for multimedia presentations and slide projections.
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