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1.    Saving a Life through Blood Donation


·          To ensure the availability of the required group of blood on emergency.

·          To sensitize the students on the need for blood donation.

·         To organize community based blood donation camps at the nearby villages.

·          To propagate the message about blood donation and to remove the myths and fears about blood donation.

·          To create and update a directory of voluntary donors so that the required blood is

available on request.

·          To generate awareness on blood donation and its significance in saving lives during

·         emergencies related to natural calamities and accidents.


There are plenty of hospitals around the place , and the need for blood transfusion is felt everyday for surgical procedures. More over as pointed out by the article “The rate of accidents going up in Ramanathapuram Dist” in Hindu News paper dated June18, 2011, a lot of accident victims are brought to the Headquarters Government Hospital in Ramanathapuram. However the population in around this place has a lot of fears and misconceptions about blood donation. Hence the college has taken this initiative of creating awareness on this issue. Service to the needy is service to God, So the college plans to render services by adopting the practice on “Saving Life through Blood Donation” to the victims who are in need of blood transfusion on emergency conditions.



At the beginning of every academic year, blood test is carried out on all the freshers.

A digitalized data of the blood donors is kept in the College. When people approach the

College requesting blood donation with a valid diagnostic recommendation from a registered medical practitioner, the Coordinator of the RRC arranges to send suitable donors to the spot. Apart from this, the College organizes regular blood donation camps. During the last three years, the College has collected 267 pints of blood in collaboration with Red Cross Society and NSS Volunteers. The Institution aims at ensuring easy accessibility and adequate supply of safe and quality blood. Blood collected from voluntary blood donors is stored and transported under optimum conditions with the help of medical staff of the Government Hospital, Ramanathapuram and Rajaji Hospital in Madurai. Under the policy, blood donation is made available to people irrespective of their economic or social status. Total Quality Management approach has ensured smooth conduct of Blood Donation Camps and follow up work.


Obstacles faced, if any, and the strategies adopted to overcome:

The obstacles faced include non-availability of rare groups of blood. Donors cannot be sent to the spot on tests and examination days. Sending girl donors to distant locations poses difficulties. Sometimes there is parental resistance to the practice. However, such issues are addressed to during sensitization programmes.

Impact of the Practice

The practice has made a tremendous impact on community, students, and, teachers.

Donated blood is being utilized by people and institutions not only in Ramanathapuram but also in neighboring areas. The blood is also being utilized by the anemic patients and accident victims. The voluntary blood donation camps have resulted in great impact on the students as well as teachers. The impact is also apparent on personality development and inculcation of human values and civic responsibility. It has led to reduced indiscipline and enhanced sense of the responsibility among the students. It has also created a sense of managerial ability among the students for organizing such type of events in the College.

Resources Required:

The funds are made available by the management.

 2: Village Adoption under ‘Kalam Community Building’ Programme


To sensitize the students on the needs of the illiterate population of the village regarding education, health and drinking water supply. 

To instill among the students a sense of social responsibility towards the upliftment of the villagers.

To foster a sense of cleanliness and environmental awareness among the villagers.

 To help the villagers benefit out of the government welfare schemes.

 To help the villagers in their economic development through educating them about small savings culture.

 To conduct adult literacy programmes to the illiterate elders in the village

 To expose the students to the hard realities of rural economy.


The college is surrounded by many small villages. A majority of them still face constraints such as lack of access to education, health facilities, drinking water, power, roads, credit availability, information and marketing. Most of the students also hail from such villages. Against this background, initially the College has adopted Indranagar, a small coastal area in Muthupettai village. After a pilot study conducted on the livelihood of women in the area, it was known that most of the people in this area are illiterate and economically poor. To make matters worse they lived in unsanitary conditions and most of the men folk were alcoholic addicts. So the College decided to adopt the area for the betterment of their lives. As of now 10 more such villages have been adopted by our College.

The impact of the Practice

Women have become articulate, aspiring and capable of taking leadership in the community related matters. Thanks to special sensitization drives by various wings of the college and the students-backed efforts of women SHG, consumption of liquor among the men folk has been reduced to a great extent. Almost all the children are enrolled in schools. Children completing their education in the primary schools are now sent to other schools for further study. The night-time coaching class provides additional academic support to children of fishing folks. Also, all the infants in the village have been duly vaccinated. On the whole, the effort has had a satisfying impact on coastal people.

Resources Required:

The funds are made available by the management.


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