(Run by Congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)
Affiliated to Alagappa University
Accredited with 'A' Grade by NAAC
Recognized by UGC under 2(f) 12 (B) 
Angelo Nagar, Muthupettai
Ramanathapuram Dist - 623 523
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   Caussanel College of Arts and Science is the brightest jewel in the crown of more than one hundred years of educational service by the Congregation who have been serving the rural masses through a network of schools, colleges, industrial schools spreadall over India.
    The college is named after Rev.Fr.Adrian caussanel, a Jesuit French Missionary, who founded the congregation of the Brothers of the scared Heart in the year 1903 at palayamkottai.
   The College is located in the rural coastal region of Ramanathapuram district which is socially and economi-cally backward. The people of this area make their livelihood mainly by fishing and agriculture. The path of education is hindered to these rural youth especially the girl children as they have to travel 50 kms to and fro to get their higher education.
   The institution was established by the Congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for provid-ing higher education to the rural youth. In its educational apostolate spanning over a period of 60 years, the oganisation has been instrumental in the education of thousands of students not only from the tiny village of Muthupettai but also from numerous other remote and backward villages of Ramanathapuram district paving the way for their social and economic development by way of gainful employment. It would not be an exag-geration to say that if it was not the efforts of the organisation in the area of education, most children from these villages would not have seen the light of education. In the area of education of girls too, the oganistion has played a very significant role.


We envision that, quality y education is made accessible and affordable to all, irrespective of caste, creed and economic status so that the human resourcesof the youth are utilized maximum to the development of individuals and the society as a whole.


We run higher educational institution to make quality treasury education available to the rural youth in Ramanathapuram and the neighbouring districts.


To offer diverse courses and innovate in the areas of pedagogy and learning so that the rural youth are able to bring out their potentials and develop their competencies required for their personal and social development.

1.      To increase the enrolment of students

2.      To make higher education accessible to rural women.

3.      To explore and innovate in teaching pedagogy so that the learning experience is joyful and socially relevant.

4.      To help the students develop their confidence and identify their talents and passion through extracurricular activities

5.      To promote the livelihoods of the people by making the students acquire domain (subject) as well as employable skills.

6.      To promote equality, peace and social harmony through value education and continuous animation of students.

7.      To initiate researches in the area of livelihood and resource development in the target area.


1.      Providing quality education to the rural youth.

2.      Fostering intellectual vigour and moral rectitude.

3.      Inculcating positive attitude and optimism.

4.      Creating assertiveness to face the challenges of the society by imparting life skill programmes.

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Applications for 2023 -24 Admissions are availabel in our College website (in Download Link)
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